scott morgan • works

Scintilla • 2016


Mixed Media: Acrylic, RGB LED rings, 2x Arduino, electronics, software. 14" x 14" x 4"

Originally created as a standalone piece for Mischell Riley's Inside the Mind of DaVinci, Scintilla depicts the spark of creativity via the Seed of Life sacred geometry.

You are the Sun, You are the Moon • 2016

Mixed Media: Steel, gatorboard, white LED strips, 2x Arduino, electronics, software. 60" x 60" x 4"

This piece can be hung in a variety of orientations. (video)

Portal • 2015


Mixed Media: Steel, coroplast, white LED strips, Arduino, electronics, software. 13' x 6' x 2"

Portal depicts simple joys of a paper airplane. Step thru this Portal.
Are you the same person that you were a moment ago?

The Endless Sea • 2015

Mixed Media: Steel, gatorboard, RGB LED strips, 2x Arduino, electronics, software. 14' x 4' x 2"

Ever evolving rippling light, think underwater blue flames. This piece can be oriented either vertically or horizontally and is programmable. (video)

The Endless Sea

At Reno Compression Fire & Arts Festival, July 2015

The Light Aquatic • 2014 - ongoing

Mixed Media: LED strips, PVC, electronics and software • 100' x 20'

A site-specific light sculpture for select underwater environments.

Photographs from various street murals in San Francisco's Mission and Tenderloin districts are the images sources that drive the underwater color animations. The intent was to experience the juxtaposition of urban color palettes in the desert environment, as well as the juxtaposition of submerged electrical elements.

The Light Aquatic is the first in the "Available Light" series of light sculptures that examine various juxtapositions, transformations, and superimpositions of images sources and environmental context, as rendered by each sculpture.

Race of Waves • 2015

The Endless Sea

Mixed Media: Mixed Media: LED strips, PVC, electronics and software • 10' W x 16' D x 4' H

A re-purposed land-based version of The Light Aquatic, created for the Guitarfish Music Festival, July 2015, in Cisco Grove, CA.

Twilio GLOW • 2013

Twilio GLOW

Mixed Media: Cloud-based computing, telephony infrastructure, steel, acrylic, LEDs, electronics and software • 26' x 14'

A piece commissioned for Twilio's Developer Conference in San Francisco, GLOW uses cloud-based telephony infrastructure to enable users to send MMS pictures from their phone to the sculpture. The resulting color values of each picture drives the acrylic rods and provide changing color animations.

Circadia • 2013


Mixed Media: Cloud-based computing, telephony infrastructure, stainless steel, LEDs, electronics and software • 18" diameter

Circadia is a SMS-based crowd-sourced 'collaborative color palette', where users send a SMS text of their favorite color to the sculpture.

A software 'clock' rotates around the sculpture and when the SMS arrives, that color preference is added (or subtracted) to the existing color value of the spoke. There is no color monopoly. Everyone adds to the overall color signature.

Borealis • 2011


Mixed Media: LED strips, electronics and software • 16' x 20'

Borealis is comprised of five columns of 16' LED strips that display abstractions of computer-generated and photographic images.

Borealis has been displayed at Burning Man 2012, San Francisco and Reno Decompression street fairs, Mission Dolores Park and as the backdrop for the Paul Addis memorial altar at San Francisco's Dia del los Muertos in 2012.

Luxopolis • 2010


Mixed Media: Acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, LED matrix, electronics and software • 6' x 3'

A repurposed version of Lux Tonalus, this new sculpture was created for Burning Man 2010 "Metropolis" Center Camp. The LED matrix runs a version of British mathematician John Horton Conway "Game of Life" - a cellular automata algorithm.

Luxopolis has been shown at San Francisco Decompression street fair, and as part of an Dia de los Muertos altar for Rod Garrett. architect of Black Rock City.

Lux Tonalus • 2009

Lux Tonalus

Mixed Media: Acrylic, aluminum, copper, LED matrix, sound generating and processing devices, electronics and software • 6' x 3'

Lux Tonalus is a solar-powered musical puzzle. An animated LED Eighth ♪ Note beckons participants to its playing surface. Once the participant learns how to make the most complex sounds possible with the piece, they have solved the puzzle.

Lux Tonalus was created as an installation for Burning Man 2009 "Evolution" and has been displayed at San Francisco and Reno Decompression street fairs, and for Chicken John Rinaldi's "The Book of IS" book release party at 111 Minna in San Francisco.